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Number language

Since very ancient times, certain traditions have affirmed that the numbers contain a secret language capable of influencing our daily life... What does about our gifts and our life mission and how can we use them? Where does numerology come from?

The origins of numerology date back to very ancient times, some sources evoking around 4000 years...In Antiquity, it was presented as the science of numbers to which it attributed a magical value, unlike arithmetic which only took into account their quantitative value.

Numerology influenced people from the Chinese, Hindu and Egyptian civilizations, but it was Pythagoras - a famous Greek philosopher and mathematician - who in the 6th century BC, made a complete synthesis of it. Considered the "father" of numerology, he said that "everything is number" and that "numbers rule the world". The Greek thinker was convinced that the Universe expressed itself through them, and that it was a question of decoding the meaning.

Deeply rooted in the Hebrew tradition with Kabbalah - all of the mystical and esoteric Jewish commentaries on biblical texts and their oral tradition - numerology is based on the correspondence between the letters of the Hebrew alphabet and their numerical equivalent.

Numerology has evolved considerably over time, becoming part of the divinatory arts that can guide our daily lives. What is it?

It is the study of the occult significance of numbers and their influence on human life. Like most divination methods, numerology is a tool for self-discovery, a way to gain a better understanding of others and our interactions with the world at large. As such, it can be used to decipher our basic needs, support us in achieving our goals, and in some cases identify our possible karmic legacies. Professional orientations, sentimental commitments, important decisions, numerology allows you to release buried potential and make more lucid choices.

By understanding the messages hidden behind the numbers, it can be an additional asset in finding your path and his life mission.

What method is it based on?
Numerology states that there is a vibrational connection between numbers and any physical manifestation in our universe. Numerologists use the symbolic language of numbers considered universal and timeless. Each number, each date, each name can be represented by numbers ranging from 1 to 9 - called numerological numbers - and correspond to a particular period of life (expansion, slowdown, stabilization, renewal...) The dates or numbers are reduced by adding the digits that compose them horizontally as many times as necessary to obtain a digit. This "residual" number has its particular vibration which serves as a basis for interpretation and makes it possible to establish a numerological "profile". A particular meaning attributed to each number All numbers have a meaning, a "resonance" of their own. The art of numerologists consists in associating the different elements of the numerological study in order to determine the personality and the potential of each person in order to make the right choices at the right time.

Symbolic of numbers

1 │The beginning, the masculine principle, the action, the ambition, the audacity.

2│The feminine principle, yin, intuition, receptivity, sensitivity

3│Creation, sociability, harmony, expression,

4│Work, perseverance, achievement, abundance,
the realization of ideas.

5 │Freedom, change, luck, protection, stability.

6 │Beauty, harmony, seduction, the search for balance.

7 │Inner life, wisdom, knowledge, inspiration, spiritual

8 │Material expansion, endless energy, fulfillment,
power, construction.

9│The ability to open up to others, altruism, discovery, the end
of a cycle and renewal.

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