Jonathan Dufour – Founder

It was in February 2020 - during a spiritual retreat in Peru that SPIRITUM emerged in me. This trip reconnected me to my body, soul and spirit, sparking a spiritual awakening.

During the ceremonies accompanied by the shaman, I was able to experience the power of traditional medicines and sacred songs - called Ikaros - which contributed
to cleanse my physical body and my subtle bodies in depth.

During these ceremonies, the scents of sage, incense and sandalwood filled the atmosphere with a heady scent, leaving an indelible mark on me.

I was able to feel the extent to which these essences participated in my transformation and
to my inner healing...

It was then obvious to combine them to constitute
the base of the collection in order to benefit from their benefits
and their powers


His career took him first to Indonesia at Mane in 2001, then to China in 2003, where he joined Symrise in 2008. Headed to Dubai in 2016 and today to Sao Paulo. His imagination plays a very important role in his work, even more than experiments.


A free and independent spirit, Bertrand Duchaufour is always on the lookout for innovation in his perfumes. Among the houses for which he has created perfumes: Artisan Parfumeur, Comme des Garçons and Acqua di Parma...